Marbella is luxury, glamour and also fishing. We have managed to include all of these in a unique experience that will walk you through Marbella´s fishing district and harbour. The finishing touch will be a cooking masterclass by well-known chef: Álvaro Morales and an amazing dinner in Puerto Banus.

You head towards the fishermen’s quarter in a premium car. Upon arrival, our guide/ biologist will take you on a tour through its streets and the dock whilst you witness how the fish is unloaded on the pier. Once there, the guide will tell you all about the most common species in the Mediterranean, the type of ships and fishing methods. Our guide will also teach you how to identify fresh fish and the secrets behind the art of bargaining.

The auction is an exciting process and you may want to bid for a piece. Our chef will advise you to choose the best catch for that night’s dinner.  

After a five minute stroll to our cooking school, our chef Álvaro Morales will lead a gastronomic master class in which you will learn the secret of cooking the perfect fish. It couldn’t be any other way: you will cook your fish for dinner, a private dinner with views to the Mediterranean.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email.