If the Mediterranean diet has one cornerstone, it has to be olive oil; a delicacy that has become one of the most precious gourmet products. Accompany us and learn some of the best-kept secrets of the so-called liquid gold in an spectacular olive grove by the Tramuntana.

To finish we recommend enjoying a purely Mediterranean menu cooked just like in the old times, in a firewood oven.

The experience starts with a stroll through some of the most antique and magnificent olive groves in Majorca, a land that exhales history. During the walk, our expert guide will unveil the history of the legendary Son Moragues country estate, the culture and tradition of olive oil in the island.

From theory to practice, you commence a hedonistic tasting during which you will learn the basics to understand what turns olive oil into an excellent one; how to identify, choose, use, preserve and most of all, enjoy it. The special touch of the workshop is brought by a very singular oil: the “AOVE
Son Moragues” which is the only organic olive oil in the world, exclusively made with Mallorquina olives. If there is one typical dish from Majorca, it has to be pa amb oli; farmer’s bread with tomato and olive oil. At the end of the workshop you will enjoy one together with homemade cheeses or cold meats and a glass of fine wine.

We suggest extending this experience with a traditional menu made in an antique wood fire oven. A true feast to your taste; organic roasted lamb or suckling lamb.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email (Gran Meliá de Mar) / email (Gran Meliá Victoria).