The Thyssen Museum and the El Prado are two of the most visited museums in the world. INot every day you can get lost amongst their art collections and enjoy the silence of their corridors behind closed doors.

Led by an official guide, this experience is a walk through the history of art, giving you the opportunity to continue exploring when their doors open to the public.

Experience Madrid’s culture with a a visit that starts at the Thyssen Museum during the early hours of the morning before its doors open to the public at 10AM. A unique occasion to admire, in private, the artwork of artists as relevant as Van Gogh, Dalí, Durero and Ghirlandaio amongst others. If you are feeling hungry not only for art, you may enjoy a succulent breakfast inside the museum, a privilege that only a few have enjoyed.

The visit to the El Prado museum starts at 8:30PM when the sun begins to set and the bustle of the corridors take on a more lethargic feel.

The tour, customised to your taste, encompasses one of the most well known artistic expressions with a strong link to the history of Spain, hosting works by authors such as Velázquez, El Bosco, Goya or Rubens.

Madrid is a work of art itself, we suggest finishing the experience with a cocktail or dinner in one of the many singular spaces that the city offers.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email (Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques) / email (Gran Meliá Fénix).