Start your day with a private breakfast in a zen garden, discover the magic of Xi’an from a bird's eye view or find the secrets of traditional Chinese craftwork. You will learn that there is nothing as fascinating as discovering a millenary culture from a unique point of view.

Start your day like an emperor.

The truth is that it seems a good way to start. Waking up with the fresh air of morning and walking into a magnificent garden, surrounded by nature; listening to the singing birds and seeing an exclusive and sophisticated breakfast with a Spanish touch in the distance, made just for you and your friend. If that is not feeling like an emperor, it must be close.

Discover the magnificence of the imperial city from above.
Rising up in a private helicopter, peeping down and seeing the old imperial city from a unique point of view, it is magical.

Few experiences are as beautiful and exclusive as discovering the millenary city of Xi’an from a bird’s eye view. It is hard to forget that you traversed the fascinating scenery of Qujiang New District, Qujiangchi Ruin Park, Tang Paradise or Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and that you saw the old Wall from above. It is the majesty of a historical destination at your feet.

Experience’s lenght: 25 minutes.

Great journeys, like great minds, tend to fly high. Rise over the exceptional combination of color and shape of the Qin Mountains. It is a unique and natural set where the strangest pandas live. Also the highest point of your trip, history and adventure dwell here.

Experience’s length: 50 minutes.

A millenary culture in your hands.

Enjoy an exclusive and relaxing experience that will make you merge into a world where art, craft and Chinese culture are united. You will make your own Xun: the oldest musical instrument of Chinese history.

Enter into a traditional studio, close to the Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors, and, together with a renowned craftsman, learn how to mold a living part of Chinese history while you are taught all the details about this instrument. An exclusive lesson of Chinese culture that you will never forget and which will be more than just a memory.

Experience’s lenght: 1 hour.

MEMO: Xuns need to be fired for some days, so they will be delivered some days after the experience.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email.