Seville is a fascinating blend of history and cultures resulting in a magnificent array of buildings that bestow the city with its unique and genuine charm.

We have designed a tour that will leave you breathless. Our horse-drawn carriage will take you through the historic centre with a stop over to visit the Lebrija, Pilatos and Dueñas palaces, a must see for architecture lover’s visiting Seville.

The tour starts at the hotel, passing through some of the most emblematic areas in town: the Jewish Quarter, Plaza de España, Triana… The heart and soul of the most iconic, postcard Seville. During the ride, a local guide will unveil the details and all the secrets of the local history and that of its monuments and buildings.

Definitely a mandatory stop for those who love architecture are undoubtedly the Lebrija, Pilatos and Dueñas Palaces, which were once home of the most aristocratic Sevillian families and are now open to the public.

Its lush interiors, art pieces, gardens and overall grandeur reveal centuries of history and provide an idea of what life was once like.

It would not be a true Seville experience without a delicious delicious food in sight. Whilst you admire the view onboard the carriage you will be pampered with a gourmet catering service comprising different local appetizers and a bottle of fine champagne. Can you think of a better way to end the route?

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email.