The Royal Theatre is one of the most iconic architectural works in Madrid; a a space that exudes history from every unique corner. Experience them from a different point of view with a guided tour of your choice to learn the ins and outs behind each show. Discover all the ways in which theatre becomes expression, emotion and art during a visit to this special historic building.

The visit starts in the theatre’s main lobby, exploring rehearsal room, dressing rooms or tailor’s workshop amongst other areas; places that until very recently were its best kept secret and which will reveal exclusive information about whichever production is currently running.

You can choose the type of visit yoou would do: the general one from 10AM to 1PM is perfect for those wanting to live the essence of the theatre exploring its rooms, coffee shop, royal gallery and main room. The artistic option will take you on a journey into the soul of any show, from the different rehearsal rooms to the dressing room, tailor and characterisation workshops… You will almost perceiving the nerves that precede a premiere night. The technical option will unveil what turns fantasy into reality: the stage, backstage and hallway, focusing on the staging and all its phases… And for those that expect to experience the magic of theatre in its pure state we recommend the night visit, right after the show ends, a fusion of the artistic and technical visits.

They all take a bit more than one hour and are offered to very small groups, hence we recommend booking at least three days in advance.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email (Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques) / email (Gran Meliá Fénix).