The passion for the sea experienced with the five senses through the perfect combination between tradition and the latest gourmet trends.

The day starts on your way to Puerto Banus in a premium car. The captain will be waiting for you to get on-board a very special boat: an American-designed Rodman 1250, perfect to spend a day on the open sea. Sit down, enjoy the views and sip the champagne whilst you set sail towards the strait of Gibraltar.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Undoubtedly, patience is a much needed virtue when fishing. Once the ideal spot is identified, the captain and seaman will teach you the art of fishing…

Bear in mind that any tuna should be caught and in case, it will be returned to the sea. If you are lucky enough to catch any other fish, you will have the chance to bring it back to firm land.

Our gastronomic on-board proposal is based on premium quality sushi and French champagne, a perfect pairing. To top it off, a tasting of molecular pearls, the new way to enjoy your favourite rum, vodka and gin cocktails; a milestone in the mixology world.

Back to the port, our driver will take you back to the hotel.

For any further details about this unique experience, please ask for prices and availability at the reception or email.